Do you know the symptoms of a TBI after an auto accident?

Your recent car accident left you shook, but you feel fine. Mostly. Depending on the intensity of the accident and how your body moved during the impact, you could have a traumatic brain injury and not know it.

The Mayo Clinic breaks down common symptoms of TBI. Determine whether you are as fine as you feel.

Symptoms of a mild TBI

TBIs vary in strength. With mild TBIs, you may experience:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Momentarily blacking out
  • Sound or light sensitivity
  • Mood shifts

You may have trouble focusing after your car accident, which is another indication of a mild TBI.

Symptoms of a moderate-to-severe TBI

Common symptoms of moderate-to-severe TBI consist of:

  • Blacking out for several minutes or hours
  • Disequilibrium
  • Seizures/convulsions
  • Constant vomiting or nausea
  • Slurred speech

Do you notice that you have dilated pupils? Maybe you have chronic headaches. Both are symptoms of moderate and severe brain injuries.

When to see a physician for a TBI

If you even suspect that you may have a TBI, have a physician examine you. Not only do you want to protect your health, but seeing a doctor soon after your accident helps you build a case against the party who originally caused the car accident. You should not have to pay for another’s negligence in the form of health bills and a loss of income from having to take time off work to recover.

Do not take chances with your health after a personal injury. Receive the answers and peace of mind you deserve with the help of legal and medical professionals.