Dedicated To Securing Compensation For Long-Term Injuries

Workplace injuries in California are not always the result of an explosion, a fall from a great height or some other type of traumatic event. A work injury sustained over a period of years can also prevent someone from working at their job and make the rest of their lives a struggle due to pain and immobility.

The Santa Ana law firm of Katnik & Katnik Lawyers has been representing injured workers since 1960. We know that being out of work for any length of time is upsetting for people whose families depend on their income. We are privileged that so many people trust our attorneys to help them secure workers’ compensation benefits in order to get their lives back on track and seek the medical care they need.

Almost Anyone Can Be Hurt At Work

Cumulative trauma injuries, often referred to as CT injuries, happen when people repeat certain tasks or are subjected to awkward or sustained positions. You may also have heard these referred to as repetitive stress injuries or repetitive motion disorders. People who may be prone to CT injuries could include:

  • Tradesmen who may deal with awkward working conditions or lifting heavy objects, such as plumbers and electricians
  • Laborers such as gardeners and landscapers who frequently bend over, dig and carry heavy items
  • Nurses, aides and other health care workers who are on their feet for much of their shifts and may be called upon to move or lift patients

People hurt in a workplace accident can also work with our firm to learn about compensation options.

If You’re Injured, Don’t Wait Any Longer

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