Was Someone Else Responsible For Your Work-Related Injuries?

When you suffer an on-the-job injury, you have the right to apply for California workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical expenses and replace a portion of your income. However, depending on the circumstances, you could also have a claim against someone else.

Not all injuries that occur at work result from your or your employer’s actions. Some involve third parties, and the law allows you to seek compensation from them. The law doesn’t allow you to collect twice for the same damages, but you may be able to receive other damages that workers’ compensation does not cover, such as pain and suffering. In addition, since workers’ compensation insurance only covers up to two-thirds of your lost income, filing a personal injury claim may result in the receipt of more of the income you lost during your recovery, along with income you may have earned in the future had you not suffered permanent injuries.

Some examples of third-party claims arising out of work-related injuries include the following:

  • A defective machine or piece of equipment injures a worker
  • An outside company is responsible for the maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment that caused injuries to a worker
  • construction worker suffers injuries due to unsafe conditions on a job site that resulted from the negligence of a property owner or another contractor
  • A driver strikes a road construction worker
  • A customer or client attacks a worker

These and other circumstances could result in the ability to file a third-party claim. In order to understand whether your situation warrants such a claim, you may want to seek out a complete evaluation of your case. Even though you could receive workers’ comp benefits within a short amount of time, you may miss receiving all of the compensation you deserve because of your injuries.

Understand Your Legal Options When You Are Injured On The Job

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