When You’ve Been Hurt At Work, Turn To Us

Katnik & Katnik Lawyers has been part of the Santa Ana community since 1960. We’re located in the heart of our great city, and we know the quality and dedication that workers here exhibit on a daily basis. When these workers are injured on the job, they deserve to select workers’ compensation attorneys who will take their case to heart and fight hard on their behalf.

That’s exactly what we do at Katnik & Katnik Lawyers. We represent injured workers because the people in our community put their all into making Santa Ana a better place for all of us. When an accident at work causes serious injuries or even a wrongful death, it’s crucial that the victims and their families get the compensation that they deserve.

Experienced California Workers’ Comp Attorneys

A workplace accident can lead to lost income and other hardships for employees. The same is true for Cumulative Trauma Injuries or other ailments that develop over years or decades. People who work in high-risk jobs — and even those who have positions that are not inherently dangerous — are often entitled to apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

Having an attorney experienced with these types of claims is important, and over the years our firm has represented a vast number of injured workers who have received compensation due to construction accidents, industrial diseases and other illnesses and injuries sustained at work.

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